The firm Barbieri , through experience gained over the years, has been able to provide the construction industry with geodetic networks, trigonometric points using high precision GPS. We also provide useful support in:


•     Polygonaly
•     Designs of measured points in 3D
•     Plans listed
•     Tracking for construction of roads, highways,
       power lines, pipelines, civil works
•     Monitoring and testing (Cave, rivers, bridges, reservoirs,
      civil and industrial structures)
•     Hydrotesting above ground tanks on the refineries
•     Surveys generic plots, plans listed
     mathematical models for the return of the land
     3D, display regular meshes, triangular,
      contour generation of profiles and sections.
•     Plano-altimetric surveys detail
      or the construction of power lines HV / MV / LV
      pipelines, aqueducts, roads and highways, etc..
•     Scanning and geo referencing of maps with the same
      control points in different coordinate systems
•     Digitization of maps and curve generation
      level in 3D for feasibility studies and design
      power lines, aqueducts, pipelines, roads and
•     Generation of digital terrain models DTM
      and creation of sections and elevation contours along
•     Management of satellite images and aerial
      photogrammetry calibrated with the same support points
      measured in the field with GPS
•     Creation of cartographic bases for GIS solutions
      (Geographic Information Systems)
•     Mosaicing aerial photos / satellite applications
      for GIS





 The firm also provides assistance to companies by stake and tracking phases working for the construction of :


• Roads and Highways
  – Determination and control of points
  – control of materials such as mixed concrete, base,
     binder and draining.
• Civil Works
  – Tracking of foundations, footings,
     walls, piles and construction in general.
  – Support for elevation and verticality of walls, stacks.
• Power lines, pipelines and similar infrastructure
  – Peg the pylons of the track and field
    according to table to stake  
  – Reconnaissance of diagonal sections
• Excavation projects
  – Surveys of quarries with different material.
  – Accounting, quantity surveying, volume calculation
     and progress reports.